The Butler Trust Awards

The Butler trust was set up in 1985 to promote excellence and innovation in UK prisons. Each year 300 nominations are made for innovative, creative and effective work initiated by individuals or teams of prison officers, teachers, probation officers and other staff and volunteers working in prison. There are 15 major award winners each year, 11 of these are awards in specific areas of prison work. In 2003 this was yet to include the field of Education and Skill training. The inaugural Keith Bromley Award for Education and Skill training was presented at St James's Palace in 2005, and has been given every year since.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2017/18

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Dot Coomber, Campsfield House IRC
Dorothy is the Learning, Skills & Regimes Manager at Campsfield House Immigration Removal Centre. She is granted an Award for transforming the educational opportunities offered to detainees in an especially challenging environment, across multiple languages, cultures, and nationalities.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2016/17

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Dr Ruth Armstrong & Dr Amy Ludlow, HMP Grendon
Ruth and Amy, from Cambridge University’s Institute of Criminology and Faculty of Law, respectively, win an Award for pioneering ‘Learning Together’, bringing together prisoners, university students and academics, to learn with and from one another. The initiative, which began with Cambridge and HMP Grendon, now includes a number of prisons and universities across the country.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2015/16

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Bob Leckie, HMP Thorn Cross
Bob is the Land Based Activities Manager at HMP/YOI Thorn Cross. He wins an Award for his passionate, creative and inspirational approach to the job, and his role in not only dramatically improving the prison’s physical landscape, but also transforming its farms and gardens into an immersive education and skills training environment for an often hard-to-reach group of prisoners.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2014/15

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Trevor Lewis, HMP Exeter
Trevor is granted an Award for his dedication and professionalism over four decades as a PE Officer, as well as for his contribution to all aspects of prison life at HMP Exeter. He was nominated by 15 prisoners, one of whom described Trevor as “a gentleman and a role model for all staff”, while his Governor praised “his jailcraft [as] some of the finest I have seen”.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2013/14

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Alan Bailey, HMP Spring Hill
Alan was nominated by prisoners at HMP Spring Hill for his work as an IT tutor there. Through his drive and dedication, the establishment has become one of fewer than 20 sites nationally, and the only prison in the UK, accredited as an academy by Cisco Systems. He is an inspirational teacher and mentor, who goes well beyond his paid role to support his students and, where possible, help them find employment in the industry.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2012/13

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Barry Donovan, HMP Isle of Wight (Parkhurst)
Barry is an Officer at Parkhurst, Isle of Wight. In addition to working full time on a residential unit, Barry is the driving force behind the “Leopard Studio” music recording workshop in the prison. Barry had the idea for the studio, raised the money for it, developed an accredited training course to help ensure that the prisoners involved learn and can demonstrate practical work-related skills, and continues to dedicate much of his own time to the project.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2011/12

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Janet Lockhart, HMP Kennet
Janet works for Manchester College as a Lecturer at HMP Kennet. Through her efforts she has significantly enhanced the educational provision for prisoners with dyslexia, ADHD and related issues, becoming an expert in assessing and addressing complex learning needs, and working tirelessly to raise awareness of such issues across the prison. She has also developed links with outside agencies to help ensure that prisoners’ needs continue to be met on release and enhance their chances of finding employment.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2010/11

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Dave Asker, HMP Wandsworth
A former PEI, as Head of Learning & Skills at Wandsworth Dave Asker has overseen a complete overhaul of the training and education opportunities there which has been recognised by HMCIP and his Governor says, "his contribution to the cultural change at Wandsworth has probably been greater than any other single individual'.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2009/10

Keith Bromley Award for Education & Skills Training
Christine Lewis (Prison Officer) HMP Channings Wood
Christine has, largely in her own time, created two national directories of offending behaviour programmes and work skill courses across the prison estate. These greatly facilitate the appropriate allocation of prisoners to allow their treatment & training needs to be addressed, and are now widely used across England & Wales.

Award for Education & Skills Training (supported by the Bromley Trust)
John Morrison (Vocational Trainer) HMP Wakefield
John has worked as a tailoring instructor for more than 30 years, and is recognised by staff and prisoners for his quiet and unassuming dedication to supporting high risk offendors and providing them with vocational training and qualifications. The quality of the work produced in his workshop has led to many submissions and prizes in the annual Koestler Awards.

Timothy Mayhew (Head of Catering & NVQ Centre)
HMP Grendon / Spring Hill

Tim has been head of the Catering and NVQ Centre at Grendon and Spring Hill for 11 years. Constantly pushing the boundaries, he has introduced and seeks to continually improve culturally diverse catering across both establishments, as well as developing and engaging prisoners with vocational training and qualifications. His work i widely appreciated by both staff and prisoners.

Butler Trust Award winners for 2008/09

Keith Bromley Award for Education and Skills Training
Dr Binanda Barkakaty (Outreach Tutor) HMP Brixton
Binanda Barkakaty has worked tirelessly to develop and deliver in-cell education to prisoners who cannot attend maintstream activities. He works with about 30 prisoners at a time, promoting inclusiveness and equal opportunity and enabling 80 prisoners to achieve further education awards the last three years. The rapid turnover and significant numbers involved across five wings are managed by the use of peer co-ordinators. For many, it is the first certificate they have ever achieved. Binanda helps them to develop inner strength, personal growth and more positive outlook.

Cliff Thompson (Work Skills Programme Manager)
Staffordshire Probation Area

Cliff Thompson's special blend of initiative, skills and experience equipped him well for the task of designing and delivering a practical skills training programme for offenders with the Open College Network and two further education colleges. The accredited programme includes decorating, horticulture, health and safety and customer service. In the last ten years over 4,500 learners have studied the programme with a success rate of 75%. Basic skills have now been embedded into the practical units. Cliff's visionary work has been rewarded by employment prospects for the learners and professional and personal development for the tutors.